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Order stopping zone online at HMP

Advantages of a non-holding zone (HVZ)

Order ban on the fixed price online!

Short distances for loading and unloading
- save time
- save energy
- allow a concentration on the essential
Halteverbotszone bestellen     Short ways to move save energy and time! Make the most of your moving car for your move. Order a ban on holding or a ban on holding (HVZ / stopping zone) in just a few minutes online. The prices for a non-stop zone vary according to the municipality or town.
Your partner for the establishment of the prohibition zones HMP from Hamburg has for years the holding prohibition signs, accepts the application and clears also the prohibition prohibitions.
Here you can order a non-binding ban at the pick-up and drop-off location, including all official permits and formalities. Should you have any questions regarding a holding ban zone, please contact us. We're here to help!
Here you can order a ban on stopping and taking-off at the package price, incl. all official permits and formalities.
Simple HVZ from 99 EUR (incl. VAT)
Installation of a holding prohibition zone up to approx. 20 m length incl. Delivery, set-up and dismantling, pick-up, installation period and sign rental up to three days.
Payment is done comfortably and without risk on account. We will be pleased to answer your questions under the telephone number  +49 - 41 01 - 856 560.

Order your holding ban zone to one or two addresses for cities in Germany online.

Halteverbotszone 1
Länge:* Meter
vor Straße, Nr.:*
in PLZ, Ort:* DE -
Datum:* Format: TT.MM.JJJJ
Zeit, von:* bis:* Uhr
* Pflichtfelder

Bitte hier ankreuzen, wenn Sie noch eine zweite Halteverbotszone bestellen möchten.

Halteverbotszone 2
Länge:* Meter
vor Straße, Nr.:*
in PLZ, Ort:* DE -
Datum:* Format: TT.MM.JJJJ
Zeit, von:* bis:* Uhr

* Pflichtfelder

Details zum Auftrag
Bitte geben Sie den Zweck der Halteverbotszone an.

Teilen Sie ggf. die Art des eingesetzten Umzugswagens mit, z.B. LKW 7,5 t, Transporter kurz/lang, PKW, Anhänger etc. Nennen Sie ggf. das Kennzeichen des Fahrzeugs.

Eine genaue Beschreibung erleichtert das korrekte Aufstellen der Schilder, z.B. "Ab Beginn des Parkstreifens vor Haus Nr. 20 in Fahrtrichtung". Wenn Sie Hilfsmittel, wie z.B. einen Aussenlift einsetzen möchten, nennen Sie bitte den genauen Standort.

Anrede / Firma:*
Straße, Nr.:*
PLZ, Ort:*
* Pflichtfelder

In practice, a holding prohibition zone (HVZ) is also referred to as a pack prohibition zone.
Usually this is between 10-20 meters long. It must be applied for at the relevant authority and the signs must be drawn up with a necessary lead-time.
After the regular presentation (official approval and the timely erection of the signs) foreign vehicles can still be parked there in cooperation with the police or be towed away in a professional manner.
HMP relocations are available to you with a non-stop service for the moving car.
Safe and convenient fashion by means of a stopping zone a move
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