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Moving to England - inexpensive and competent

Planning formalities, costs and prices

When moving to England (Great Britain) a lot must be considered. Despite Brexit it is still a dream of many Germans to move to England or emigrate.
Motives for people to move to England different. The standard of living is high, as is the merit. However, living in England is also more expensive than in Germany.
Apart from a new job, however, the metropolises as well as the landscapes.


Tips for your move to England

Relocation planning: relocation list - transport - storage


Selection of forwarding company or relocation company


Own preparation and planning


Customs regulations for a move to the UK

Import requirements for vehicles

Also for the import and use of vehicles (cars, motorbikes) apply some regulations which deviate from the known German regulations.
The vehicle must be registered in your name in the last 6 months and may not be let or sold during the first 12 months after importation.
In order to register a vehicle, a UK vehicle insurance is required.
The vehicle must be inspected annually in England / UK.


Move with your pet

When moving your pet (dog, cat), the requirements of the British Pet Travel Scheme (Pets) must be observed.
If this is not the case, the animals must be quarantined for 6 months. The provisions to be observed are:
- The animal must be provided with a microchip for identification
- to be vaccinated against rabies (current vaccination certificate / vaccination book
- the animal must be treated for tick and worm infestations within the last 1-2 days.
Since all ID cards and passports (including the vaccination book) must be issued in English, please consult the appropriate official veterinarian.
You must also write and sign a declaration that your pet has not been outside a recognized PETS country in the last 6 months.


Which could not be introduced, or only to a limited extent

It is prohibited to import arms and unauthorized medicinal products. Even plants are subject to strict control of the tariff.
Your forwarder for the move to the UK - competent, reliable and affordable - HMP

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